It feels very satisfying indeed to create your own pizza from scratch, crafted with toppings to your exact liking. This recipe is so simple it can be whipped up for a midweek meal, and not only is it gluten free (of course!) but also free from dairy, and provided you keep the toppings suitable it can also be vegan – why not host a free from pizza party?!


Huevos Rancheros

‘Tis the season of eggs and whilst I’m yet to be convinced that there’s an egg dish to rival the classic soft boiled and soldiers, I do think this Mexican-inspired brunch comes very, very close. There’s a little bit of stove work required to begin with, but the rich smoky tomatoes are well worth the effort.


 Yorkshire Puddings

Up there with freshly baked bread, perfect pizza and a sausage roll – proper Yorkshire Puddings are one of the holy grails of gluten free cooking and eating. Luckily, they really aren’t that hard to achieve at home, honestly! And, if you have a yorkie master in the family they will already have the main principles down pat.



With the weather turning distinctly Autumnal and our neighbours kindly sharing their plentiful harvest with us, I felt rather in the mood for something pork and apple-y. My husband, on the other hand, was craving ribs. But how to marry our cravings? Cider seemed the only answer. And what a result! Sticky, sumptuous, falling off the bone ribs that are finger-lickingly satisfying. And it’s so unbelievably easy to prepare that it’s definitely set to become a midweek staple. We devoured these with sides of sautéed kale and sweet potato wedges –  cut the potatoes (skin on) into wedges, drizzle with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and pop into the oven for the last hour of cooking time and they will be ready right on cue.



On our recent minimoon in Cornwall, fish tacos became the staple diet of my new husband. Available in almost every beachside eatery, this recipe pays homage to his favourite version, devoured in St. Agnes. Share them out for a snack or starter, or serve 3 as a substantial main course. Not only are the 100% corn tortillas recommended here gluten free, but they are also more authentically Mexican.



Alongside the gluten free wedding cake that I made for our big day in July, we also indulged in a fabulous cake of cheese – I must say huge thanks to Harry at Love Cheese for his help! Naturally we have found ourselves with several large hunks of Black Bomber Cheddar stashed in the freezer, which to me simply serves as the perfect excuse to bake these savoury scones. They are particularly delicious served warm with lashings of butter or alongside a bowl of tomato soup.



Gluten free and a sneaky vehicle for veg these are brilliant for transporting to a picnic. They also make a great staple for lunch, needing nothing more than a simple green salad to accompany them. You can vary the filling to suit your mood and the seasons; keep the egg and crème fraiche mixture constant, and mix it up with combos such as sundried tomatoes & mozzarella, cheddar cheese and bacon, or smoked salmon & dill.

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